Hand Held Metal Detector


Key features

  • Anti-sliding design
  • Low battery indicator
  • High sensitivity
  • Low power consumption
Super high sensitivity

capable of detecting tiny metal objects, both ferrous and non-ferrous

Easy operation

coming with leather case convenient for carry

Can charge

recharging function available with option of direct or base charger

Low battery indicator

both buzzer and LED

Stable performance

genuine quality assurance

Functional features:

  • Easy and simple operation, with English and Chinese versions of user manual
  • High sensitivity: objects with a pin size and 3.5 cm away from the detector can be detected easily
  • Large detecting area, from up to down, detecting can be completed without interrupting, greatly improving working efficiency
  • Exclusive independent low battery voltage system among all models, with yellow LED indicating low voltage
  • Double alarming mode: Buzzer & LED and vibration detecting metal objects in a fast and accurate way
  • With hidden moist-proof sensitivity adjusting hole, being endurable, economic and less trouble
  • The model is most extensively used in electronics factories, police force and security departments, with the largest export quantity in China, taking up 45% of export volume


  1. sensing area
  2. charging hole
  3. toggle switch
  4. green LED
  5. yellow LED
  6. red LED
  7. power switch
  8. leather case

Technical parameters

Working power supply

6F22ND 9V battery


410 х 85 х 45 mm

Packing dimension

425 х 101 х 50 mm (1 piece)

Package dimension

450 х 270 х 525 mm (25 pcs)

Net weight

0.34 kg

Gross weight

0.44 kg, 12 kg (25 pcs)