Portable walk through metal detector


Key features

  • Anti-terrorist and police equipment
  • Portable and foldable, can be transported in a car or van
  • Single person assembly without tools – in less than 5 minutes
  • Optional built-up battery which can work for at least 40 hours
Leading technology

world’s 1st portable pinpointing walk through metal detector

Memory function

stores settings for required operating environments


black / camouflage

Adjustable sensitivity

300 levels

LED indicators

inbuilt bright LED indicators

Easy assembly

random assembly and swap

Functional features:

  • Easy to install and portable: assembly or disassembly within 5 minutes
  • Automatically identifies and provides a 3-indepent-zone detection upon installation
  • 6 sensing parts can be assembled randomly
  • Made of strong impact-resistant ABS and polycarbonate alloy materials
  • Inbuilt super bright LED indicators
  • Multiple units work within close proximity to one another without interference
  • Continuous automatic self-diagnostics and verification
  • Automatic passers-by and alarm counting
  • Inbuilt dual battery (one on each side) supports 24+ hours battery life
  • LCD indicating parameters
  • 300 levels sensitivity – even a coin can be detected
  • Conforms to GB 15210-2003

Technical parameters

Battery life

30 – 80 hours

IP grade


Working temperature

-20° … +70° C

External dimension

2250 х 970 х 580 mm

Passage dimension

2100 х 800 х 580 mm

Package dimension

1065 х 675 х 705 mm

Net weight

35 kg

Gross weight

47 kg